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September 19, 2020 | 7:30am

Hefner Parkway/W. Hefner Road in NW OKC  Hefner Lake - East Side Oklahoma City, OK

10899 N Old Lakeshore Road, Oklahoma City, OK

Is REDMAN associated with the worldwide series of Ironman races?

The REDMAN Triathlon is a Half Distance, Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquabike event, and is a private entity owned by Friends of Multisport, Inc.

As of 2019, A Sprint & Olympic event have been added and A Duathlon & Aquabike are now offered at all distances except for the Sprint.

When is the entry deadline?

The deadline to enter the event will be September 1st, 2020 @ 12:01am (CDT).

What is the cutoff number for entries?

REDMAN allows entry to as many as 1200 entrants (this number is influenced by conditions such as anticipated weather, compliance with outside regulations, etc.), regardless of distance.


Do I have to qualify to enter the event?

No qualification is necessary. 

To whom do the following FAQ's apply?

Although some details in the following content apply to the Sprint & Oly athletes the general information as well as general USAT rules and REDMAN specific details apply to all of the 2020 events. Please read the content carefully to identify that any information is specific to your distance. In addition, the Event Schedule and Maps may contain answers to your specific event not addressed in this section. 

  • Requirements for entrants: You must have (if USAT licensed) a photo ID and current license to pick up your packet! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! NO ID NO PACKET!!
  • You cannot pickup another entrant’s packet!
  • No team member can pick up another’s packet or pay the 1 day fee or produce the USAT license for inclusion.

What are the entry fees?

You must be a USAT member OR pay the one day $15 license fee. This includes each team member at $15 per participant.

FEES – Click Here

Can I transfer my entry to another athlete if I choose not to race? 

No. You may NOT transfer your race entry to another athlete. Any athlete attempting to race under the name of another athlete will be disqualified. For liability insurance purposes and to ensure the safety of all athletes, REDMAN Triathlon must have accurate personal information for every athlete.

Do I get a refund if I can't race? 

If you wish to withdraw your entry, you must notify REDMAN Triathlon in writing via land mail. If you withdraw before March 19th, 2020, you will receive a refund not to exceed 25% of your registration fee. Thoughtful consideration goes into this policy. As athletes we do understand injury and  life circumstances and how they influence, sometimes negatively, our best laid plans. However, the costs of the event do not subside or change significantly with a withdrawal. Because of the enormous costs associated with the production of an event of the caliber and scope of the  REDMAN Triathlon we are unable to grant refunds.

We do appreciate your understanding,  look forward to your participation in the event, and hope that you give the same thoughtful consideration of the event before signing up.

What lodging accommodations are available near the event? 

See Hotels link in the sub-navigation bar under the Athletes section.

What are the cutoff times on the course?

Safety concerns will create any applied cut-offs to the Sprint and Oly. Otherwise the course is open for the timeliine surrounding the Half Distance event. Any other impacts would be created by weather, restrictions of municipal permits, race insurance, volunteer staffing and any other event issue.



Swim 1500 METERS 
Bike 40K (25 Miles) - (Course limitations mean that the RM course is 21 Miles)  
Run 10K (6.2 Miles) 


Bike 40K (25 Miles) - (Course limitations mean that the RM course is 21 Miles)  
Run 10K (6.2 Miles)




Swim 1500 METERS                                                                                                                                                                                               Bike 40K (25 Miles) - (Course limitations mean that the RM course is 21 Miles)  


Swim 750 METERS 
Bike 20K (12.5 Miles) - (Course limitations mean that the RM course is 14 Miles)  
Run 5K (3.1 Miles)  


Is this a mass start race?

The event will launch in a multiple waves, staged by event size and distance. These waves may be slightly different from race year to race year, depending upon whether any championship races are happening the same day. To create the safest swimming environment and to appropriately keep track of athletes, each wave will "stage" in a pre-swim corral. As your wave color is called, you will move into the chute and prepare for your swim there. Each athlete will be allowed to enter the water only after crossing the chip/timing mat at the water entry.  You will assemble in the water between a set of start buoys in the lake so there will be plenty of room to avoid disturbance from other swimmers fighting for position. Slower swimmers may choose to start in the rear to avoid disturbance from attempted passing early in the swim.

What is the swim course like?

The 2020 swim course will be a counter clockwise looped course.  It will parallel the shoreline and will be visible to athlete support groups and the event staff. Athletes competing in the Sprint distance will complete one loop, while the Olympic distance athletes will complete two loops of the same course.  In years with excessive heat and drought which may impact the depth of the water, the course is moved to the middle of the lake and a triangular pattern course is adopted. 

What is the expected water temperature at Lake Hefner?

The estimated race day water temperature is 71-77 degrees. The main variable is the summer air temperatures in Oklahoma City. There is no outflow from the lake except for municipal water usage. Lake Hefner draws its water from another lake in the area. Redman has been wetsuit legal for all but one year in its history (15 years).

Have arrangements been made if I don't have a wetsuit but would like to use one during the event?

One of our loyal partners/sponsors, TREK Bicycles,  has wetsuits available for rent. Supply is typically limited so contact them early, 405-232-4040. Another obvious option is to contact a quality on-line group that carries a significant supply to rent.

Is there any current in the water?

There is no current in Lake Hefner.

What are the considerations for a swimmer who gets in trouble during the event?

You will be escorted/supervised throughout the swim by a series of lifeguards on/in various craft that each cover a particular section of the course. Also in the water at the exterior and interior of the course will be roving kayaks. In addition, other craft will be available if quick evacuation is necessary.

An ambulance will be standing by in the immediate vicinity of the event throughout the day. If you encounter any difficulty, raise your hand and a lifeguard/kayaker will paddle to you for assistance. You can hang on the side of the paddleboard to catch your breath without penalty. The event medical staff will be in contact with the water support personnel to be abreast of any emergency that might possibly occur.


What are the bike courses anD road surfaces like?

Please see the course map for the actual route of the bike course. Please note that the Olympic distance course consists of multiple loops of the course whereas the Sprint distance will require one complete loop of the course. The bike course will consist of the normal asphalt or concrete surface. As we all know, road surfaces are unpredictable and change frequently. Please be prepared for any/all surfaces and ride safely. 

How severe is the climbing?

This event is advertised as a rolling hill - fast course. It will not include any significant climbs. We do understand that this definition is open to wild variation based on perspective. However, our description is often considered accurate.

What is the traffic control plan?

We have been able to coordinate with the Oklahoma City Police Dept. to provide adequate support at all major intersections.  Other areas will be manned by volunteers. 

What are the locations and contents of the bike course aid stations?

Bike Aid Station 1 (BAS-1) will contain a fully stocked aid station as well as a bike maintenance area. This aid station is located approximately 3 miles into the course, and will have Clif blocks and bars, Hammer Endurolytes, Lemon-Lime Gatorade Endurance Formula and of course plenty of water, bananas, etc. In addition, each aid station will include a "Porta-Potty" as well as trash and containers for recycling. Please refer to the bike course map for the logistics of the aid stations.

* The single largest contributor to trash on the Bike Course is discarded gel packaging. In an effort to minimize the impact of this problem, we request that all athletes adopt the philosophy of "carry out what you carry in".   

** Due to our interpretation of current research, no pain relievers of any kind will be dispensed at any aid station, on any course. 

What if I'd like to ship my bike to the event?

We have not contracted with a bike transport company for the 2020 event. Please contact our local recommended bike shop for help in this area.

Is there a bike shop nearby?

Our Bike Shop Sponsor TREK Bicycles will be on-site for the expo as well as providing bike mechanics during registration and bike check-in on Friday and for last minute maintenance on race day.   If you arrive earlier you may visit one of the fine Schlegel shops. For location call TREK Bicycles phone number: 405-232-4040


What are the locations and contents of the aid stations?

R1, 2, 3 and 4 are placed at periodic locations along the course route. Sprint and Olympic distance athletes will not utilize R4, but will have full access to the other aid stations. As per USAT rules, athletes will have access to aid roughly every mile of the run course. Basic medical supplies including a first aid kit, Vaseline, etc will be at each aid station. Each station will also have at least one port-a-potty.  Basic food supplies will also be available at each station, those supplies include but are certainly not limited to Lemon-Lime Endurance Formula Gatorade, water, Clif blocks & bars, Hammer Endurolytes, salt, etc.  Please refer to the run course map for the logistics of the aid stations and First Aid tents.

** Due to our interpretation of current research, no pain relievers of any kind will be dispensed at any aid station, on any course. 

Every effort will be made to gather personal items on each course. Any remaining personal items will be available in the Gear Claim Area on Saturday and then again on Sunday morning. Any unclaimed items after noon on Sunday will be considered forfeited property.

Where is a good place for my family and or friends to watch the run?

The 2020 Sprint distance athletes will complete one loop of the run course, while the Olympic distance athletes will run two loops.   Spectators can easily view runners at "race central" near the spectator/transition area twice, without the need to take any quick trip in the car to the far end of the run course.  Details will be provided at packet pickup, should a spectator wish to observe their athletes more frequently than this running pattern allows solely from race central.  

Will there be auto, bicycle or pedestrian traffic on the course?

The lake will be closed to recreational boating, swimming and other craft for the event. The bike course will be closed to vehicle traffic along the Hefner Dam road. Detailed traffic control plan is discussed in the bike FAQ's. The bike trail will be closed to all pedestrian and bicycle traffic for the duration of all events. You will share the trail only with fellow REDMAN run competitors.


Age Group awards will go three deep, male and female, in the following categories:

17-19 (signed parental consent for those under 18) 
Physically Challenged**

Awards will also go three deep in the following categories: 
Overall Male and Female 
Masters Male and Female 

Awards will also go three deep in the following Aquabike and Duathlon categories (at all distances - Sprint, Oly, Half ):

Overall Male and Female 
Masters Male and Female 

**Physically Challenged division 
Those not eligible for the hand cycle division will compete in the physically challenged division. 

Type of awards to be announced. 

Finishers Medals for all events. Finishers Shirts for all events.

Awards ceremonies will be held at the following times (please confirm on race site schedule page):

Saturday, 9/19, 2pm - Sprint, Olympic and Half (Triathlon, Aquabike, and Duathlon)

Those not in attendance at the awards ceremonies that wish to receive their certificate, must request the award/certificate via e-mail, No Later Than 10/1/20. 


Can I practice on the REDMAN courses prior to the event?

There will be 2 practice swims prior to the event. ( See the event schedule ) You will be able to bike the outer portion of the bike course (north of Memorial Rd.) at any time prior to the race. The run course will be a closed course and will be open for running at any time.

As the event nears we will publisize course familiarization and training opportunities.


While there is a vast difference of opinion on how to best prepare for an event covering the distances similar to the  REDMAN event , there are some important training guidelines that are universal for all athletes. 
1. You must approximate the challenge of the event in training 
2. You must avoid overtraining, burnout; injury and illness to have a successful event

REDMAN wishes you well in your training, and hopes that you arrive for the event well-trained and enjoy the preparation process as the main benefit of your entire experience.

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