Each year we have worked toward making the event as Family & Spectator friendly as possible.

Please read this page to review our efforts.


Although we have not yet figured out what to call the bundle of fun, what we have figured out is how to present a great time for the kids!!

With the help of our wonderful "Kids Zone" Sponsors:

  • Andy Alligator's Fun Park
  • Hiland Dairy
  • Schlegel Bike Shops


  • Inflatable Entertainment Centers (including the perennial favorite Big Tiger Slide)
  • Yogurt, OJ and Chocolate Milk
  • A Mini-Duathlon consisting of kid-size stationary bikes and a nifty 20 yard run course
  • Clowns
  • Face Painting

All staffed by some of the great folks that volunteer for Clear Channel Communications. Parents will be able to bring their kids to a safe, organized and secure area for 30 minute periods. Protocol will be in place to make sure the right kid gets picked up by the same familiar face that dropped them off.

Click here to open and view/print the Transition/Base Map for 2018 and locate the Kids Zone before you arrive!