All registered athletes for the 2018 RedMan Triathlon will be asked to review this page, after registration closes on 9/1/18. (Registered athletes will be notified via e-mail)

It's just a few items to do a little housekeeping before you arrive!

We'll be excited about your arrival and all of us will be ready to race! 

Please review the FAQ’s and Event Rules prior to race week. The more informed you are, the better off we all are!

Please send USAT Numbers to info@redmantriathlon.com.

2017 athletes Guide



The Redman Triathlon hosts the 2018 USAT Ultra Distance National Championships,  September 22, 2018 | 7:30am

Hefner Parkway/W. Hefner Road in NW

OKC  Hefner Lake - East Side Oklahoma City, OK

10899 N Old Lakeshore Road, Oklahoma City, OK


As we get closer to the event, (typically 9/5+) we'll want you to see the Athlete List to retrieve your bib number! We'll want you to know your number when we request the Athlete Bio & Medical Form information, as well as when you pick up your packet!

ATHLETE BIOS and medical forms

Immediately after registration closes on we will begin communicating with you (you might even thnk it's too much!) We'll provide you with some links to electronic forms which solicit:

-A little info about yourself so we can talk about you when you cross the finish line!

-Concise but comprehensive info about any medical condition you might have or meds you are taking. Just in case you come to visit our world class med tent!

We'll provide solid deadlines for your return of the info.

Both forms require your Bib number, which has been assigned and is now on the Registrant/BIB list under the Registration Tab of the web site.

Be mindful that on-line forms can be finicky and work best with certain, and/or up-to-date browsers!


Weather's typically very warm all summer, but each of the last years we have been wetsuit legal, so we'll plan on it again in 15'. But this is Oklahoma, so you never know!


RACE DAY TRANSPORT has become our official partner and bike shipment & assembly option! They and our other long-term sponsors Schlegel Bicyles will take exceptional care of your bike needs.

notes and checklist

We have also created a note and checklist for those that are traveling with you! DOWNLOAD CHECKLIST HERE >


Interested in what food will be provided the day of the race? 2018 MENU TO BE LISTED HERE SOON!