This is event will begin in Texhoma, TX in the parking lot of the grain elevator, weave it’s way through the comfortable surroundings of Texhoma, past the high school and onto the rural highways of the Oklahoma Panhandle. A straight shot onto the home of most of the course, Highway 95, ambles along the South edge of Elkhart and ends at the high school in Elkhart, KS.

The course is a one-way mix of rural highway & gravel roads. Runners have the option at sign up to enter as an individual or a relay. The course is approximately 42 miles long. The time cutoff for the event is 12 hours.

Please see Schedule page of the site for the current event schedule. 

2019 Athlete's Guide


Gather your relay team or take on the whole enchilada. Need some more nostalgia? Check out the stories and photo links on this site. WARNING – lots of folks in ‘70’s & ‘80’s running attire!

Event Date

May 16th, 2020

Registration for 2020 Event Opens on January 1, 2020 at 12:01 am and Closes at 12:01 am on May 6, 2020 (CDT) or as the event fills! 


The Okie Relays was originally launched in 1968. Held annually on the 3rd Saturday in May, it was billed as “the world’s longest four-man relay”.  Run on highway 95 starting in Elkhart, KS and ending in Texhoma, TX each team member ran a 10.3 mile leg of the 41.2 mile race. In later years an ultra category was added for those wanting to take on the whole distance to claim the fame of running in three states and across the entire state of Oklahoma. Sponsored by the towns of Elkhart, Kansas and Texhoma, Texas, the event grew in reputation, and drew runners from not only the surrounding states, but from such far away locations as Sweden.

As years moved on, Elkhart took on the sole sponsorship of the event and as a matter of formality changed the direction of the race to start in Texhoma and finish in Elkhart.  To further the romantic history of the event, Elkhart history recalls that at least one and maybe both of Elkhart’s 2 Olympic medalists, Glenn Cunningham and Thane Baker, competed in the event.

1996 was the last reported running of the race. Over the years there has been talk of resurrecting the race.

The time has come.

Gather your relay team or take on the whole enchilada. Need some more nostalgia? Check out the stories and photo links on this site. WARNING – lots of folks in ‘70’s & ‘80’s running attire!

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Distance/Time Certificate & Award will go to the top three finishers in the following catgeories:

Individual: Male / Female / Masters Male / Masters Female

Relay: Open (2 or 3 person) and 4 Person (Male Team, Female Team, Coed Team)

Distance/Time Certificate & Unique Award will go to all finishers


Registration for 2019 re-launch of this classic event opens December 1, 2018!


Parking will be available in the general finish line area:

Along Morton Street
At or near the Civic Center
At or near Whistle Stop Park
More definition and maps will be added prior to race day.

Aid Stations

There will be two staffed aid stations located on the course. The main event aid stations will have the usual ultra fare, including sweet and salty snacks, water, Gatorade, soda and more.

In addition, there are also 2 un-staffed aid stations at locations on the course.

Athlete Special Needs, Gear, Crews, relay rules, etc.

Athletes may place their drop bags at the starting line prior to race start. We will transport drop bags to each of the two designated mid-course drop bag locations. It will be imperative for the athlete to clearly mark to which Aid Station they want a particular bag delivered.  Nomenclature for Aid Station and Drop Bag locations will be developed and communicated to athletes prior to race day. Please notify Race Directors of Special Needs.

Pacers are not allowed. Crews are allowed and can crew anywhere on the course as long as they do not hinder other runners or traffic.

Volunteers are encouraged and welcome.

Relay Teams may be comprised of 2, 3 or 4 persons. Chip may only be transfered at the designated locations along the course. Relay cateagories for awards are Open (2-3 person) and 4 Person. 4 Person teams exchange the chip at the end of each leg. The Open teams may break the legs down as they wish (ie: a two person team could have one person run three lengths, and the remaining athlete run one) but chip may only be exchanged at the specific exchange locations.