Things we'd like for you to know

Redman Triathlon has been chosen as the 2017 USAT Ultra Distance National Championships

The Redman Triathlon boasts five USAT certified Race Directors, 3 of which are 

certified at Level 2 (Currently the highest rating)


Redman Triathlon is a founding partner in a emerging group with a goal of presenting

an Independent Full Distance Triathlon Series.

Visit the Full On site and see what we're up to!

We've also partnered with the folks at Ultramax
to help bring additional events to the regional market
join us as we bring an all women's 5K and Half Marathon event to
The lifeblood of any event is the volunteers!
There are several charities that Redman donates to annually on behalf of the participants.
Each year these charities gather and deliver 100's of volunteers
that help us to deliver the event athletes have grown to expect. 
We have one perennial national charity
and each year via application we select two more local charities.
We are proud to donate each year to: